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A&O General Construction is general contracting company based in San Jose, California. We provide premier construction services statewide in a variety of services. Whether you are looking for a private and commercial construction, our team of professionals is at your disposal.

A&O General Construction has over ten years experience of remarkable history of building, restoring and renovating the whole Bay Area, San Jose, Peninsula, Oakland & San Francisco. We provide general construction, design/build, special facilities maintenance services and construction management. Our company has been providing exemplary quality and service. Since 2010, we have been empowering homeowners with the confidence that they’re receiving the highest quality renovations and home repair, while providing contractors the consistent opportunity to perform the great work they do for their local communities. Over the years, we have professional vast network of subcontractors, architects, and resources to give grade A performance and results. Our company is focused on hard work, attention to detail, and latest technology efficient building techniques necessary for construction.

It is our goal to build long lasting relationships with all of our clients small or large and provide premier construction services for years to come. This will be achieved through hard work, skill, communication, and we drive to create eye catching structures that stand the test of time. Our professional staff delivers quality workmanship, as well as scheduling capacity, and excellent service that is one of the best in the business. However, we are very proud of our team, and their successes, what really sets us apart are the ability to meet up with schedules without a loss in quality. We have built our reputation on long term client relationships, and will continue to keep it up. You, our client will know that we will be here today, and tomorrow. This gives our clients peace of mind.

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